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Book Title: Political and Social Observations

Political and Social Observations
Table of Contents
The Jewish Dog43   Conscious Electronic Flying Insects65
The Original Pariah Dogs43   Old Glory65
Gulf of Paria44   Ferreira Scholars66
Canaan Dog Case44   Shit Street66
It Is Insane45   Was Derailed67
Rabbis45   That Is Still the Question67
Turning Black Geniuses46   Absorb and Emit68
God Is Going to Fuck Shit46   When Electrons Emit Radiation68
Relocate to Africa47   Percepts and Perceiver69
A Great Job47   So Damn Funny69
The Homestretch48   The Hippocratic Oath70
A Feeding Frenzy48   The Professional's Oath70
Academically Nonproficient     A Lot of Trouble71
   Geniuses49   An Extremely Dangerous Man71
Don't Worry49   Hypocrisy72
     Believes in Hypocrisy72
Part Two    Who Have Taken73
     The Symbol of Hypocrisy73
The American Eagle52   The Symbol for Professionalism74
Awaits Your Instructions52   Not All Snakes74
If There Is Enough Support53   Back on Track75
Keith the Navigator53   As a Teenager75
Whip the Asses54   Cultures Need Innovators76
Ideoviral Germ Warfare54   I Will Let76
Solving the Problem55   I Have to Admit77
Professional Science55   What Is Physical?77
The Democratic Party56   Psychic Pain78
Turn Iraq Over to the Shiites56   At Least I Try to Cure78
Black Academically Nonproficient    I Am Not a Professional79
   Geniuses57   The Nonhippocratic Oath79
Professionalism57   Nonhypocritor of Philosophy80
People Might Not Have Noticed58   The Symbol for Nonhypocriticalism80
Nazism58   Nonhypocrisy81
The Position of Humility59   Professor Now Means81
Too Damn Smart59   A Professional Is Now82
Congress60   People Who Have Evil Intent82
Who Is Fucking Who?60   Nonhippocrates83
The Ultimate Goal61   One Big Hollywood Movie83
Still Your Best Chance61   The Only Way84
Keith the Fool62   The Ultimate Weapon84
Darth Vader and Yoda62   If One Cannot Be Wrong85
Ida63   I Wish the World85
Whatever You Decide63   It Is Good Luck86
Attacking the Evolutionary     The Advanced Technosynergic
   Consistency64    Computer Project86
America Should Withdraw64   It Is Impossible to Fool87

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