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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 15

who vetoes it, and then the Congress overrides the veto, is

who vetoes it, and then the Congress overrides the veto, is analogous to the laser principle in physics. The checks and balances in the U.S. Constitution are analogous to the controlling principle in nuclear reactors.

        Nuclear physics does apply to the American system of government. I told the military that I predicted the President as if he were a subatomic particle. I called President Nixon the fascist particle.

        I told the government that my doctoral thesis is based on the theory that as society becomes more advanced, the physics and biology operating in society would become more clearly defined.



Chapter Two





Nothingness is a characteristic with no properties. I believe that nothingness is ultimate reality and that all the characteristics of nature are imaginary aspects of nothingness.

        Characteristicism is the philosophical doctrine which states that all of nature consists of characteristics which are imaginary aspects of the characteristic of nothingness. Nature is basically an illusion, but it is an illusion that cannot and should not be ignored.

        The universe consists of imaginary characteristics and their natures are expressed as particles. Particles of nature are imaginary characteristics which are expressed as mathematical points in space and particle guides. All fundamental particles are identical except for their particle guides.


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