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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 18

minate after the fact, because it is unclear, before the fact, that

minate after the fact, because it is unclear, before the fact, that nature will choose certain sequences of numbers within irrational numbers in order to express particle behavior.

        There is choice in nature, but there is not free will, because choice is indeterminate, before the fact, but determinate, after the fact. In other words, pure chance is an illusion.



Chapter Four


The Density Effect



Time flow for a medium is expressed by the equation t=L/c, where t is the duration of time for a specific value of L and c. L is the distance that light travels through the medium in time t, and c is the velocity of light through the medium. In the equation t=L/c, c depends on the density of the medium. If the medium has no density, then c is the velocity of light in a vacuum. Because of equation t=L/c, unstable elementary particles should live longer in dense matter than they should in a vacuum.

        I call the dependence of the rate of flow of time on density the density effect. The density effect can be measured by measuring the lifetime of unstable elementary particles as they traverse different density mediums by detecting when the unstable elementary particles begin life and when they decay inside the different density mediums.

        Equation t=L/c has to be correct because a light-absorption frequency for a specific atom in different density mediums is a constant, therefore t cannot be a constant for specific values of L,


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