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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 20

Chapter Five

Chapter Five


Scientific Heresies



I believe that the Theory of Relativity by Einstein is wrong. Einstein's success as a scientist is based on the fact that he was lucky in his choice of theories, the lack of intelligence of most scientists, and the fallacy of authority. Einstein was lucky because he chose theories that are very difficult to prove wrong experimentally. Most scientific experts are intellectual Lilliputians, therefore, compared to most scientists, Einstein is a giant. Most scientific authorities commit the fallacy of authority, because they merely reinforce each other's opinions based on prestige.

        Rationally speaking, the Theory of Relativity has little merit, because it is illogical and nonrational. Fifty or one hundred years from now, when the Theory of Relativity is proven to be wrong, people will look back and say: how could intellectual Lilliputians do so much yet be so wrong? My answer to them will be that bees, ants, and termites are amazing creatures also.

        In equation t=L/c, t is the time interval for specific values of L and c. L is the distance that light travels through a medium in time t, and c is the velocity of light through various mediums. The velocity of light in the above equation depends on the density of the medium through which the light travels. Of course, if the density of the medium is zero, then c is a constant.

        I believe that the above equation is correct regardless of the relative velocity of the medium. In other words, t=to, where to is the time flow for the medium at relative rest, and t is the time flow for the medium when it has relative velocity.

        The meaning of the equations above is that time flow for a medium is dependent on the velocity of the light through the medium which it travels. It is my belief that time flow for a


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