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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 21

medium is not dependent on the relative velocity of the medium

medium is not dependent on the relative velocity of the medium. Certain aspects of the Special Theory of Relativity are correct and have been verified by experiment but other aspects are still controversial.

        I believe that Einstein's General Theory of Relativity is absolute nonsense, because, although it makes mathematical sense, it makes no sense physically. Gravity slows the velocity of light, but acceleration does not slow the velocity of light. It is only coincidence that gravity and acceleration appear to be equivalent.

        I also disagree with physicists' interpretation of quantum physics. I believe that the wave nature of matter is a useful abstraction like mass and energy, but it has no physical reality. I believe that fundamental particles are the physical equivalents of mathematical points. Characteristics such as mass, energy, wave nature, charge, etc., are aspects of matter's particle guides. A particle guide consists of those aspects of matter that determine the behavior of the physical equivalents of mathematical points in space.

        The two-slit experiment in physics can be explained by the fact that the physical particle goes through one of the slits, while its particle guide goes through both slits.



Chapter Six


Heaven as Metaphor



The dialectic of nature has always been and will always be the metaphorical struggle to occupy and control the throne of heaven. Throughout the history of man, there have been


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