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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 23

day, but synergical experiments will be the Manhattan Projects of

day, but synergical experiments will be the Manhattan Projects of the future.

        Nature has created the universe, but it is God who will rule the universe someday when he has been created using the science of synergics. The future is limited only by man's imagination and his practical endeavors. Someday, mankind will create the God that will sit in judgment over him and the entire universe.



Chapter Seven


Big Bang Cosmology



I believe that Newton's theory of gravitation is correct, except that he did not take the fact that gravity slows the velocity of light and also slows the velocity of matter into account. If the above facts are taken into account, along with the fact that mass varies with velocity, Newton's theory of gravitation will agree with experiment exactly, because the slowing of light and matter due to gravity causes the momentums of light and matter in a gravitational field to be less than they would be otherwise. If the reduced momentums of light and matter are taken into account, then Newton's theory of gravitation would agree exactly with experiment, and there would be no need for the nonsense of General Relativity.

        It is my belief that Newton's theory that gravity is an instantaneous force is correct, because I no longer believe that Einstein's Theory of Relativity is correct. The gravitational force is different from the other forces of nature, because it is an instantaneous force. This is one of the reasons why all the forces


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