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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 26

If abnormal psychologically based discriminations are recog-

        If abnormal psychologically based discriminations are recognized as such, I believe that they can be effectively treated by appropriate education and psychological counselling.

        Psychological discrimination can be interpreted in terms of the polarization of responses to stimuli. All of human behavior can be interpreted in terms of the polarization of human responses to stimuli, because the foundation of all human behavior is the polarization of human responses to stimuli.



Chapter Nine





Synergics is the science that makes the simultaneous actions of separate electronic, biological, or chemical systems working together have a greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects. The brains of human beings are examples of synergy. Synergics is the science of the future.

        The development of synergics in the future will lead to electronic brains that have minds or consciousness. I have a theory of how this can be achieved. I believe that electronic brains can be created by engineering electronic subcircuits that have as their major components electronic transistors that generate pure random voltages and currents. These electronic transistors are then connected to logic subcircuits that have temporary memory storage capabilities. I call the whole subcircuit a synergic subcircuit. The synergic subcircuit is then connected to identical synergic subcircuits in order to create a synergic circuit. The synergic circuit is then connected to a permanent memory circuit.


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