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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 30

Synergy is created by composite particle guides in complex

        Synergy is created by composite particle guides in complex matter. Composite particle guides are responsible for the synergic phenomenon of the mind in human beings. Particle guides are the aspects of particles that govern their behavior and characteristics.

        The mind of man is the aspects of composite particle guides in the brains of human beings that are responsible for consciousness. The mind is a phenomenon that is described by the philosophy of characteristicism. Characteristicism is my philosophy that describes the nature of reality. Characteristicism states that existence consists of the imaginary characteristics of empty space or nothingness. In other words, the mind consists of certain imaginary characteristics of empty space. Entities are real only within the imaginary world of existence. Therefore, matter, energy, and the mind are real only within the imaginary world of existence.

        Electronic synergy is a nonclassical phenomenon; therefore it cannot be created using only classical engineering. I describe classical engineering as nonsynergical engineering. Synergical engineering is based on the science of synergics. Synergics is the science of the future, and, when it is fully developed, it will be a boon to mankind.



Chapter Twelve


The Event Microhorizon Effect



Elementary particles have what I call event microhorizons. An event microhorizon is the boundary condition that results from


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