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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 32

for the most fundamental particle is similar to the search for the

for the most fundamental particle is similar to the search for the Holy Grail or El Dorado.

        I believe that quantum physics is Ptolemaic, because it gives useful results, but it is false like Ptolemaic astronomy.



Chapter Thirteen





The nucleus of an atom is more dense than the atom as a whole; therefore the density effect affects the nucleus of an atom more than it affects the atom as a whole. The density effect does not affect the velocity of elementary particles, as I previously believed, because experiments have shown that the density effect does not affect the velocity of elementary particles travelling through a dense medium; however, the density effect is still valid as far as time dilation is concerned.

        Guidology is the science and philosophy that states that elementary particles are guided by their particle guides. Particle guides are the characteristics of particles that guide their behavior (see Chapter Two).

        The behavior of each elementary particle depends on the behavior of all the other elementary particles. That is why the behavior of each elementary particle appears to be random and indeterminate. In order to get the exact same results over and over again when experimenting with elementary particles, one would have to recreate the exact same conditions of every particle in the universe before the experiment was performed. In other words, the only way that one can prove conclusively that nature


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