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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 36

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen


The Common Heritage



The descendants of black Africans who lived tens of thousands of years ago are in control of the world today. The above statement may come as a surprise to most white people, but it is nevertheless the truth, because all peoples of the earth descended from black Africans who lived tens of thousands of years ago. The first human beings were black Africans, so when white Europeans say that they are pure white, they are fooling themselves. There is no such thing as a white person, because according to white people, if one has a drop of black blood in one then one is black. White Europeans have more than a drop of black blood in them, because they descended from black Africans. Therefore, white Europeans are black by their own definition of blackness.

        No matter which race of human beings rules the world, in the final analysis it is really black people who rule the world. Because a race of black human beings change their color to white or yellow does not make them white or yellow, because they are still black underneath their skins. The problem with race is that it alienates people from their common origins and heritage. People who do not consider themselves black are merely alienated from their blackness, because they are ashamed of their black ancestors.

        I consider myself to be black, and I know in my heart that there is no such thing as the white race or the yellow race, because skin color does not make a person white or yellow. A rose of any color is still a rose, so why should a black person of any color be anything but black. I am sorry for people who consider themselves white or yellow, because they are cutting themselves off from their black origins and heritage.


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