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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 40

Since the number of irrational numbers are infinite, and the

Since the number of irrational numbers are infinite, and the sequences of numbers within each irrational number goes to infinity, it is my belief that all the permutations of so-called "random number sequences" can be expressed by sequences of numbers within irrational numbers. I think that the above is a reasonable conclusion.



Chapter Seventeen


The Language of Nature



An implicitation is an expression of something that has no explicit characteristics. For instance, the language of nature is an implicitation, because it has no explicit characteristics, since it is inherent in ultimate reality or nothingness. An explicitation is an expression of something that has explicit characteristics. For example, the universe is an explicitation because it has explicit characteristics. The universe is an explicitative language like French or English, because it has explicit characteristics. French and English are mental languages, while the physical universe is a physical language. All languages are derived from the implicitative language of nature. The language of nature can be expressed explicitatively by many explicititative languages, like French and English, for example.

        At the foundation of the language of nature is a comprehensive implicitative axiomatic system, which forms the basis for an intelligence generating logic structure. The intelligence generating logic structure of nature is also implicitative in ultimate reality. The implicitative intelligence generating logic structure


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