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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 48

that is that the five senses of man will be greatly enhanced by

that is that the five senses of man will be greatly enhanced by electronic consciousness.

        If one is not satisfied with electronic immortality, then one can still fall back upon biological immortality, because that will also be possible in the future. I believe that someday a person's consciousness will be transferable from one human organism to another.

        The question arises: can one have more than one identity? I believe that one can have more than one identity, because one will be able to transfer one's personal information to more than one entity at the same time, because a person's identity is merely his conscious information and not his material self. Scientists say that about every year or so all the atoms in one's body are replaced with new ones without loss of identity; therefore one's conscious identity is merely one's personal information. Thus, multiple identities of the same person are possible in different bodies. However, these multiple identities will evolve differently, if given the chance, so that their future experiences will be different.

        To make the broadest possible generalization, I believe that anything that is permitted by nature is possible. Therefore, I believe that certain aspects of parapsychology are possible in the future.



Chapter Twenty





Beliefism is the philosophical doctrine that states that belief is more important than proof, because nothing can be proven to be true with absolute certainty. Belief is superior to proof, because


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