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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 50

proof, because absolute proof is impossible due to the nature of

proof, because absolute proof is impossible due to the nature of reality.

        I am not saying that man should not try to prove things to be true or false, but I am merely saying that man should believe in his proofs while realizing that his proofs are not absolute, but are only tentative. People who believe that they possess absolute truths can never prove that their truths are absolutely certain. That is why belief is superior to absolute proof. In other words, one has to believe in one's own judgments, because that is the best that one can do.

        Fortunately for man, absolute proof of anything is not necessary for any kind of human progress, since all that is necessary is the appropriate beliefs for progress in any endeavor to be achieved. In other words, man should not let the fact that absolute proofs of anything are unattainable by man limit his optimism about existence, because belief is superior to absolute proof.



Chapter Twenty-one


Composite Particle Guides



An aggregate of elementary particles possesses a composite particle guide. A composite particle guide is the characteristics of composite particles that guide their behavior (see Chapter Two). For instance, an atom has a composite particle guide, and so has the earth, and the entire universe. An atomic nucleus with more than one elementary particle also has a composite particle guide. In fact, any number and arrangement of elementary particles possess a composite particle guide.


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