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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 52

solves the communication or interaction problem between the

solves the communication or interaction problem between the mind and the brain. That is to say that the duality between mind and matter is no longer a mystery, because characteristicism solves the problem completely.

        Characteristicism also solves the problem of causality, because characteristicism states that empty space or nothingness is the ultimate agent of causality, since empty space or nothingness is the most fundamental thing and therefore the ultimate cause of everything.



Chapter Twenty-two


The Intellectual Rebel



In this essay, I will explain what I mean by the intellectual rebel. By "the intellectual rebel" I am referring to myself, because I am an intellectual rebel. I am an intellectual rebel, because I disagree with the education system in the world today. I believe that talented people should not be sent to regular schools, because talented people have different educational needs from the rest of the people. Regular schools are not geared to deal with the special needs of talented students, because talented students need to be creative and in regular schools talented students are not allowed to be creative until they reach the postgraduate level in college. I think that talented students need to be given the opportunity to be creative even in elementary school. Students are allowed to be creative to some extent in kindergarten, but as soon as they reach the first grade, they are discouraged from showing creativity. From the first grade to the postgraduate level in college, talented


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