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Book Title: The Intellectual Rebel
Page: 56

Chapter Twenty-four

Chapter Twenty-four





Genius is the creative processes that cannot be taught or understood. The frontiers of genius will forever recede out of man's reach by the definition of genius, because creative processes that man can teach or understand are not genius. If professors can teach students to be creative like Newton or Einstein, then Newton or Einstein will not be considered to be geniuses anymore, because their forms of creativity would become commonplace.

        When man has created creative machines, the definition of genius will have to change, because genius will always remain, and has to remain beyond the understanding of man by the definition of genius. Genius is any kind of creative processes that is beyond human understanding, and as soon as it becomes within the domain of human understanding, it is no longer genius. For the above reasons, no one can foresee what future generations will consider genius to be. Genius is a forever changing term that is used to describe creativity that is beyond the domain of human understanding.

        Future creative machines will be considered to be geniuses, if their creative processes are beyond the understanding of their designers. As soon as the designers of creative machines understand the creative processes involved in their creative machines, their creative machines will no longer be considered to be geniuses. Therefore, the creative processes involved in being considered a genius are constantly changing as society progresses.

        The mental processes underlying creativity are many, because there is no one mental process underlying all forms of


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